Today I will discuss about adf.ly and how to earn money using adf.ly very easily.

What is adf.ly?

Adf.ly is a free URL shortening service,where you get paid when someone opens your shorten links.You can place your links everywhere like facebook,twitter,forums,or your personal blog or website.
Now if you don't have an account in adf.ly then open an account here.
Or if you have an account in adf.ly but not getting enough views then follow the instructions I will tell you a way to get many views in just few hours.

Click on the image to register on adf.ly

Adf.ly bot v5:

For those who have an account in adf.ly but not getting enough views regularly or those newbies who want to earn some serious money download the latest version of  adf.ly bot v5(With proxy list) from here.

What is adf.ly bot?

adf.bot is a tool where you just have to put your links and it will automatically click on your links.For adf.ly bot to work you need fresh proxy list which is also included in the file.And don't worry about getting ban from adf.ly cause I have use this tool many times and I did't get ban from them.
So,hurry up download the adf.ly bot and start your earning...
If you are having problem with download the file then please comment I will help you to download the file.

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