What is bootable usb?

You probably use DVD's to install Operating Systems in computer but this was an old idea and this process takes lots more time.First you have to burn the iso file into your DVD and then use the DVD to install your Operating System you want to use.But this unique tool is very useful to load the iso file in your usb so you can use the usb to install your Operating System in very less time.


1.Don't need of any DVD.
2.Takes very less time.
3.No others softwares required to extract the iso file.
4.Very easy to use.
5.Supports all kinds of Operating Systems.


Click on "Drop Source or Click" and Select the iso file you want to use and also cheak the quick format option.
So, after doing all the steps just click on "Do it" button and it will start coping your files to the usb drive.When the process was over you can use this usb drive to load the Operating System.

Download link:

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