Top Link/Url shortening Services 2015:

Earning money using Link Shortening Services are one of the oldest and legitimate way of Earning good cash from the Internet. Many of us dream of earning good passive income from the internet but they do not get any good platform, trusted website so they waste their time on fake/scam website and at the end don't get anything. But today I will help all of you to earn good passive income just by shortening your links and share them in your website or with your friends.
Top Link Shortening Services 2015
Link Shortening Services to Earn Money

The Earning of Link Shortening service mainly depend upon 3 Simple Steps.
1st: Shorten your desired Link/Url.
2nd: Share them in your website or with your friends in Facebook, Twitter etc.
3rd: That's it you will start receiving money in your account.
So, from 3 steps the most important step is Share your shorten links with your friends or our website visitors. As many as you can share the more will be the earning.
This process will work great if you have a website where you have free contents for your users so you can use the shorten urls in your download link. But don't worry if you don't have any website still you can make good money by sharing your urls in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social site.

Top 3 Link Shortening Services:

1. BC.VC:

Bc.vc is one of the oldest url shortening service currently present in the internet. This website is online and paying it's customers for over 7 yrs. Since now I have got 6 payments from their site. They pay as weekly basis at the end of a week and pays on time without any delay. The rates are higher than any other link shortening service. Like any other link shortening service they will offer the visitor a 5 Sec ad. So, Highly recommend to try this link shortening service and start earning money.
Click here to join BC.VC
Click To Join BC.VC
1. Good rate better than any other Link shortening service.
2. Low Minimum payout only $10.
3. Website is online and paying it customers over 7 years.
4. Many useful tools available such as Mass Shrinker, Easy Link, Full Page Script etc.
5. Available on All Countries. (No Restriction)
Cons: Nothing
Comments: Very good Links Shortening Service. Click here to Join Now.
Payment Proof:
BC.VC Payment Proof
BC.VC Payment Proof

2. Adf.ly:

When we talk about Link Shortening services the first think that comes to our mind is Adf.ly It's been online for many years and paying good for all it's customers. But the main problem with Adf.ly is it's not available in all countries. But they are Legit and paying on time. I have got 2 Payments from them still now. If It's available in your country then you should also try this network.
Click here to Join Adf.ly
Click to Join Adf.ly
1. Very old and legit company.
2. Low Minimum Payout only $5.
3. Many options available such as pop ads, mass shrinker, easy link, Full page script.
Cons: Not available at all countries.
Comments: If adf.ly is available in your country you should give a try. Click here to Join.
Payment Proof:
Adf.ly Payment Proof
Adf.ly Payment Proof

3. Linkshrink.net:

Linkshrink is very new in this link shortening industry, but the rates are very good as compare to any other link shortening services like bc.vc or adf.ly . The minimum payment is also very low only $5. So you should try this network but be careful as it's very new in this indusrty.
Click here to Join Linkshrink.net
Click to Join Linkshrink
1. Very good rate better than Adf.ly and Bc.vc
2. Low minimum payout only $5.
Cons: New website just 8 months old.
Comments: You shold try this network but be careful. Click here to Join.
So try these Link/Url shortening services and tell me about your experience. Share Links, Earn Money, Have Fun!!
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