How To Hack Into Any Password Protected Windows Computer In 5 Easy Steps:

Dear Visitors and Readers of our blog now I have decided to add a new category in our blog that is "Hacking".So today I will tell our daily readers a special hack to login into any password protected Windows 7 in 5 easy steps.There are many hacks present in the internet but very few of them really working.But we have tested this it's working 100%. To understand this Hack very easily we have managed to add screenshots for every steps.

Working Operating Systems:

This Hack will work with Following Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2+)
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (32/64 bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32/64 bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32/64 bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise (32/64 bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (32/64 Bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32/64 Bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (32/64 Bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard (32/64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Datacenter (32/64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise (32/64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Web Edition (32/64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard (32/64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Datacenter (32/64bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (32/64bit)
Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1 (32Bit/64Bit)

Note: This Hack may not work on all PC’s due to different motherboard BIOS issues.


Please follow the steps very carefully otherwise the hack will not work.
Step 1: Insert a Pen drive and format it to FAT32.

Step 2: Now open KonBootInstaller.exe

Step 3: Now select your USB drive from available USB drives.
            Then select Install to USB stick.
Konboot-Hack any Password protected computer
Konboot-Hack any Password protected computer
Step 4: Now restart your computer and Enter your BIOS or Bootload selecter
            Then select the USB drive and press Enter.

Step 5: Now when it ask for password just hit enter
        You will see the desktop screen without entering any Password.

Step 6: Done, Enjoy...

Note: Don't try this hack if you don't have any knowledge about booting and BIOS. And we are not responsible for any kind of damage you may done to your computer.So try this hack at your own risk.I can assure everyone that this hack is working perfectly and I have personally tested this in my Windows 7 (64 bit) Laptop.

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  1. unable to open the download link..plz help

  2. What's your problem??? Tell me in details, I will help you...

  3. when i'm pressing the download bottom then http://v2.adf.ly/RtohH this web page is not opening.it says the web page is not available.

    1. okk... please wait I will update the link soon. Thanks for telling us the problem that will also help the other users...

    2. adf.ly site may be down.if possible please give the link instead of adf.ly

    3. I have given a mirror link just below it please checked it. And thanks again for letting us know that the link is dead...

    4. I have given a mirror link just below it please checked it. And thank you once again for your feedback. Stay with us...

    5. thanx a lot to you..
      i'am facing another problem please give solution...
      After selecting the drive in command prompt it gives a message after hitting Enter
      "grubinst: should be a disk image"

    6. You have to format the USB drive in FAT32 before using this trick. Have you done it???

    7. yes i"v done all you have instructed ..also problem is same

  4. problem solved..problem was in pen drive

    1. Glad to know that this hack work for you...

    2. but not working in windows8 !!

    3. Please check working operating systems mention at the top of the article. This hack will not work with windows 8.

  5. both download link are nok working for download file what is other way plz tell me

    1. Thanks Saroj for pointing that the download link is dead.. Download link has been updated successfully.. Now you can download without any trouble.. Cheers!! :>)