Disable Advertisements In uTorrent:

uTorrent is one of the best tool for downloading torrent files. A large number of people use uTorrent for Downloading torrent files as it is very easy to use. uTorrent is small in size but very useful for downloading torrents.

But now uTorrent recently introduced advertisement in their program. When you open uTorrent you will see a advertisement pop-up at the top of the window like this.

How To Disable Advertisements In uTorrent(Before)

This advertisement can be very annoying for many users so today I will tell you a simple technique to disable this advertisements from your uTorrent forever. For better understanding I have given step by step screenshots hope this will help.


1. At first open your uTorrent then go to preferences from option menu at the top.
2. Now Click on advanced settings and search for offer.
3. Click on offers.sponsored_torrent_offer.

Disable Advertisements In uTorrent screenshot 1

4. At first it's value will be true make it false then click ok.

Disable Advertisements In uTorrent screenshot 2

5. Done, Enjoy...

How To Disable Advertisements In uTorrent(After)

Now enjoy downloding your torrent files in uTorrent without any advertisements.

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