Shortcut Keys for Windows 7:

Professional computer users only use their hands on the keyboard to do their tasks.You can't carry mouse all the time or reaching for the mouse every time can be an annoying and disturbing.An easy solution of this problem is to simply keep the hands on the keyboard and complete your tasks using keyboard shortcuts.So here I am giving some commonly most used keyboard shortcuts which will help you do your task faster without using mouse.

1. F8 (during boot): Holding F8 when booting displays the Windows Boot Menu.
2. SHIFT (during boot): Holding SHIFT down when booting forces Windows into Safe Mode.
3. CTRL + ALT + DEL: Displays the Task Manager or Windows Security dialog box.
4. ALT + TAB: Static rotate forward between currently open applications.
5. ALT + SHIFT + TAB: Static rotate backward between currently open applications.
6. WINDOWS KEY + TAB: Live view rotate forward between currently open applications.
7. WINDOWS KEY + SHIFT + TAB: Live view rotate backward between currently open applications.
8. ALT + PRINT SCREEN: Sends a screen shot of the current application to the Windows clipboard.
9. CTRL + ESC: Displays the Windows Start Menu (same as with the Windows Key).
10. CTRL + + (on numeric keypad): Resize column to size of longest item in Windows Explorer details view.
11. SHIFT + *: Opens folder currently selected in Windows Explorer and all sub-folders.
12. F1: Displays the Help window for the current application.
13. F2: Renames currently highlighted object.
14. F3: Displays the Windows Search dialogue.
15. F4: Positions cursor at the Address Bar in Windows & Internet Explorer.
16. F5: Refreshes contents in Windows & Internet Explorer.
17. ALT + F4: Closes current application.
18. CTRL + F4: Closes currently open window in current application.
19. CTRL + Z: Reverses last made change(s) in current document or field(Undo).
20. ALT + ENTER: Opens the properties dialogue for the currently highlighted object.
21. SHIFT + F10: Displays the context menu (same as with the Application Key or right mouse click).
22. SHIFT + DEL: Deletes objects directly, does not send them to the Recycle Bin.
23. SHIFT (inserting CD/DVD): Holding SHIFT when inserting a CD or DVD prevents auto-play.
24. SHIFT (selecting objects): Holding SHIFT down while selecting objects selects objects inclusively.
25. CTRL (selecting objects): Holding CTRL down while selecting objects selects objects individually.
26. WINDOWS KEY + D: Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop (using this combination again restores all minimized windows).
27. WINDOWS KEY + TAB: Cycles through open applications via the taskbar.
28. WINDOWS KEY + E: Starts Windows Explorer to browse local computer.
29. WINDOWS KEY +: Displays the Windows Search dialogue.
30. WINDOWS KEY + CTRL + F: Displays the Windows Search for Computers dialogue.
31. WINDOWS KEY + F1: Displays the Microsoft Windows Help window.
32. WINDOWS KEY + L: Locks the computer.
33. WINDOWS KEY + M: Minimizes all open windows.
34. WINDOWS KEY + SHIFT + M: Restores all windows minimized using WINDOWS KEY + M.
35. WINDOWS KEY + R: Displays the Run dialogue window.
36. WINDOWS KEY + U: Displays the Windows Utility Manager.

These are windows most used common shortcuts hope it will help you...

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