It is a very common problem for many Antivirus users that they don't know if their Antivirus program is working properly or not.Many users use activators,keygen,patch to activate their as they don't want to spend a single money on Antivirus but this lead to a problem,that is the Antivirus program may not work properly.This problem can lead you to damaging your PC.So it's always better to test the Antivirus program if it's working properly or not.


2. Now Open a Notepad and copy paste the content to the notpad.
3. Now click on save as rename the file as Virus.exe(It's important to change the extension to exe).
4. So after the the file your Antivirus program will detect the file as Test Virus so you can say that your Antivirus is working perfectly if not then there is some problem with your Antivirus.
5. So test your Antivirus and give your feedback...

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